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Slideshow Manager


The Slideshow Manager came back to life after a friend described a need for a way to generate online "presentations" as web pages. Currently, the process involves obtaining a requirements and assets from a client, developing/modifying the image assets, designing the presentation layout/background, creating a "movie" (assembly), and delivering a link to the finished online presentation.

Most of the communication is handled via email - to include asset delivery and changes. This becomes problematic especially when change requests come after the presentation has been published live. The "movie" has to be recreated each time a post-production change request comes in.

Previously, Adobe Flash was used to create these presentations. Since Flash is not supported on Apple devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.) a more universal "assembly medium" is required (cross-browser and cross-platform).

This proof of concept uses code I developed several years ago for my music website that allowed site members to create and view slideshows with their own images and my Moody instruMental Music as background music. Members could email the link to the slideshow to friends and track the traffic for each slideshow via detailed stats reports within the original slideshow manager.

My original version used the JW ImageRotator (FLASH) as the display method. The Slideshow Manager generated a file (XML, RSS, XSPF) that was fed into the ImageRotator to display the slideshow (with music).

This proof of concept still has the ability to generate a file to be fed into a FLASH display medium, but I added the ability to use JQuery, CSS and HTML as the display medium for cross-browser/cross-platform capability.

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I put together a VERY rough demo/ proof of concept. This demo is on the TOROCMS platform that I built. Keep in mind that TOROCMS is a CMS using Classic ASP (VBScript) and a SQL Server 2005 database. I use it to power all of my client websites (mine, too).

Here's the link to the demo:

Like I said, this is a rough demo of the concept. The actual slideshow (this HTML version) is using JQuery (Javascript framework) and CSS. I coded this to mimic the WOW Slider JQuery Image Slider & Gallery. The single HTML file is cool because once the link is exposed (given out) you can view the slideshow in any browser/device without even seeing the TOROCMS that built/contains it.

Since it's my code, I can also add features to allow more detailed control over the slideshow functionality and to add background music.

Some of the benefits...

I haven't done any thorough testing. So, you may run into some issues. Just let me know what you find and what you think.